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tickets and charges

joint ticket in Łomianki

Regulations of travelling by buses of Public Transport Łomianki Sp. z o.o.

1. Accepted tickets

The ‘Joint Ticket’ offer in the KMŁ buses includes all ZTM tickets (single fare, short-term and long-term tickets), except for time limit tickets (20-minute ones).

2. List of lines

  • Ł: Metro Młociny – Trasa mostu Skłodowskiej-Curie – Marymoncka – Pułkowa – Łomianki – Dziekanów Leśny-szpital
  • BIS: Metro Marymont – Włościańska – Słowackiego – Marymoncka – Pułkowa – Łomianki – Dziekanów Polski – Pieńków – Łomna - Palmiry / Czosnów

3. Area of ZTM tickets validity

On the route of Ł and BIS lines, the ZTM tickets are valid only in the area of the capital city of Warsaw, i.e. from the first stop METRO MARYMONT or METRO MŁOCINY to the border stop PARK MŁOCIŃSKI, located at ul. Pułkowa by ul. Wóycickiego.

4. Discount entitlements

Within the ‘Joint Ticket’ offer in local lines, all entitlements to discount (50% discount) or free travelling are accepted according to the binding regulations in local public transport supervised by the ZTM.

See entitlements to discount and free travelling

5. Travelling on route

When you travel outside the border of Warsaw, you need the Public Transport Łomianki Sp. z o. o. tickets, which are sold among others by drivers because only such tickets are valid there.

It is possible to code 30-day personal ticket ‘Łomianki-Warszawa’ (PLN 164) or ‘Czosnów-Warszawa’ (PLN 184) on the Warsaw City Card. These are valid in all KMŁ buses and in all ZTM lines within the ticket zone 1. Such a ticket may be coded on the WKM card solely in KMŁ ticket sale points.

Validating machines in the KMŁ buses are compatible with the ZTM ticket system.

6. Timetable is available on the KML's website.

7. Contact

Komunikacja Miejska Łomianki Sp. z o. o.
Kiełpin, ul. Rolnicza 248
05-092 Łomianki
tel./fax (022) 751-33-79

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